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Professional eyecare and fashion eyewear on Auckland's North Shore


We recommend that you have your eyes examined at least every two years or more frequently if advised. Contact lens wearers should have their eyes and lens wear reviewed annually.
  • Comprehensive eye examinations- and good medicine takes time !
  • Dilated pupil examinations - Dilation, or opening of the pupil of the eye, helps see inside the eye when pupils are too small, as normally happens with ageing . It is painless, and the pupil returns to its normal size in a few hours. Dilation is always optional. We recommend this is done on adults over about 50 years of age and occasionally younger. 
  • Digital retinal photography Our digital retinal camera allows for detailed inspection of the back of your eyes, detecting subtle changes and early signs of eye conditions, and possibly general health concerns . Repeated photography allows us to compare new photos against old to estimate the speed of changes over time.
  • Computerised visual fields- an especially useful tool in glaucoma and for unexplained headaches.
  • Glaucoma, macular degeneration and cataract screening
  • Diabetic eye disease and hypertension screening. We can also arrange further assessment with an Ophthalmologist (eye doctor) if needed. 

Eyewear- See well and look great!

A pair of glasses isn’t just about having great eyesight; it's about looking great too. Some of the ranges we carry include the following brands:-. 
  • Rave   
  • Gucci
  • Wayne Cooper
  • Miti eyewear
  • X-Eyes
  • Superflex
Girl having eye examinations in Glenfield

Advice and products

Combining the right diet and lifestyle while protecting your eyes from harmful ultraviolet light can make a big difference to how we see as we age. Whether you are in need of glasses or even if you have perfect vision we can give you helpful advice on how to maintain good eyesight throughout your life. Our range of products and services include:
  • Contact lenses and care solutions
  • Medications for dry eyes and allergic eye conditions
  • Repairs to optical and sunglass frames
  • Visual advice for computer workstations/'blue light' blocking lenses.
  • Lifetime free adjustments and frame cleaning
  • Drivers licence certificates
  • No surcharge for credit cards
  • Sorry, due to new supply arrangements we are no longer able to  process MSD/WINZ quotations.
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